Stonewall Retrievers offers a unique training experience. Owner/trainer Jan Burkholder’s philosophy is that a great hunting dog responds to his owner as well as he responds to his trainer.

After a two-week adjustment period during which she becomes familiar with your dog, she encourages owners to invest as much time as possible in the training program. The dog will be your hunting partner and she encourages you to build the close bond necessary to have a great hunting companions.

Waterfowl Training

The basic waterfowl program is tailored to duck and goose hunters. Your dog is introduced to the sights and sounds of the field environment. Shotguns, duck calls, duck blinds, decoys, as well as live birds, are integrated into this extensive program to give your dog a well-rounded education in waterfowl hunting. Although some trainers don’t like to admit it, not all dogs are suitable for hunting. Each dog undergoes a minimum one-month evaluation to determine the dog’s trainability, gun shyness and desire. If your dog passes the one-month evaluation period, the basic program usually takes three to four months to complete depending upon your dog’s ability and temperament.

Advanced Waterfowl Training

The advanced program includes triple marked retrieves on land and water, blind retrieves, using hand signals, honoring and flush & quarter. It is available to select dogs who have demonstrated their ability to enter this program.

Upland Game Training

The upland program is tailored for hunters of pheasant, quail and chukar. Shotguns, flush and quarter and live birds are all part of your dog’s training in this specialized field. This program is offered to retriever breeds as well as pointing dogs. As in the waterfowl program, each dog undergoes a minimum one-month evaluation to determine the dog’s temperament, gun shyness and desire. If your dog continues in the program, the basic training usually takes three to four months.

Young dogs started through Jan’s programs have gone on to receive every possible AKC-recognized retriever title including Field Champion, Amateur Field Champion, Master Hunters, Working Certificates and National Retriever Trial Finalists. Jan is equally proud of having trained hundreds of successful hunting dogs with whom their owners enjoy the pleasures of hunting waterfowl and/or upland game birds.